Lean-To Poles

Lean To Poles: thirteen piece set

All lean-to poles come in a 13-piece package set, which includes:

  • 2x forked poles (7' long)
  • 2x forked poles (3' long)
  • 2x forked flap props (9' long)
  • 4x straight poles (11' long)
  • 3x straight cross poles (11' - 13' long)

All poles are peeled and dried. The forked poles are made from hardwood and the straight cross poles are Balsam fir. The cost for the complete package is $250.

We can customize a set of poles to suit any tent need you might have. Simply provide us with the diameters and lengths and we can build it to fit your needs.

Poles to pet bedding - sustainable products for a better forest!

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