If you choose to pick your poles personally, construct a carrying device on your vehicle to hold approximately three hundred pounds. Wisconsin state law allows for three feet overhang of loads ahead of the vehicle and unlimited behind the vehicle. Cargo must have a 12" x 12" red flag if extended more than 3 feet during daylight hours. A red light must designate the end of your cargo after dark.

Most customers request the poles be carried via freight trucks F.O.B which permits them to pay the freight bills when they receive the poles. This freight collection system works well except in New York City, where customers must include enough money to prepay freight charges. The paid freight billing and any overpayment will be promptly returned. Poles over 27' long are extremely expensive to ship. Whenever possible, we either deliver them or the customer picks them up. We can also deliver on orders of 100 or more poles.

Tipi Trailers

The trailers vary in price depending on the features on the trailer. Some haul a single set of poles (18) and others haul up to 100 poles. Some have a storage box mounted for the canvas and other gear. The average trailer would be in the $1,200 -$1,700 range. Please call for prices on a trailer to fit your needs.