Type of Wood

A straight balsam fir is careful selected, having a base of 3 to 4.5 inches and being of the desired length.

Number of Poles Desired

Most tipis with a diameter of 18 feet will look best with a 15 pole frame and 2 additional poles for the smoke flaps. Any tipi larger than 18 feet will require an additional pole for each additional foot.

Care of Poles

Some people use a commercial wood preservative or linseed oil to prolong the new appearance of the poles. Others prefer the aged look. Store them in a reasonably dry place and support them in a manner that will not allow sagging. This should keep them straight and rot free for many years.

Price Per Pole

10' - 14'
15' - 19'
20' - 24'
25' - 29'
30' - 34'
35' + plus
Ask for availability and pricing

Finished Poles

Sand, oil, and point the butts
$13.00 per pole