Tipi Stakes

Finished alder wood tipi stakes.

$6.00 each - made from alder wood; sold sanded and oiled for preservation.

All tipi stakes and lace pins are sanded and oiled for preservation before they are sold. Below is a short overview of the process that we use in our workshop.

We begin the curing process by lightly sanding the wood before applying the preservative. This produces a smooth surface and allows the wood preservative applied in the next step to be absorbed more deeply into the wood.

Next, we apply at least two coats of wood preservative to all new tipi stakes and lace pins before use. Here at Noisy Creek Adventures, we rely on our tried and true combination of four quarts of boiled linseed oil to one quart of mineral spirits (both products can be found at your local hardware store). When combined, the mineral spirits thin the linseed oil, allowing the preservative to be absorbed by the wood on a much deeper level.

The result is a much more water resistant product that will last several additional years. When not in use, stakes and pins should always be stored in a dry, weather-safe location. Please also ensure that they are well supported, as this will avoid warping of the wood.

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