Sustainability & Responsible Harvesting

The expansive and wild forests of northern Wisconsin are filled with tall, straight Balsam Fir trees which are perfect for crafting the variety of wooden poles and products we have to offer. Responsible harvesting and sustainability are both very important to us and we work hard to incorporate these values into every step of our production process; all of the lumber used by Noisy Creek Adventures is harvested by hand and without the use of invasive machinery.

First, our experienced staff surveys the timber carefully, choosing the younger and more slender Balsam Fir trees that, despite their best efforts, would inevitably be overcrowded by their larger and more dominant counterparts. This is a perfect example of a renewable resource, as these younger, smaller trees would eventually fall to the forest floor and become part of the underbrush if not harvested.

Once the trees have been selected, they are then cut down by hand. The limbs of the tree are removed with a hatchet and the remaining poles are hand loaded into a trailer to be hauled to our wood yard. By ensuring that all trees are hand-selected and hand-cut, we eliminate the use of large and disruptive machinery. In this way, we assure that the absence of the collected lumber is barely noticeable and does not disturb the surrounding forest.

Poles to pet bedding - sustainable products for a better forest!

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