Tipi Poles

The Noisy Creek Adventures team standing with their newly made tipi poles.

At Noisy Creek Adventures, we are proud to carry dependible tipi poles in a wide array of lengths and diameters. Depending on their intended use, some customers may prefer very slender poles for easier set-up and transport, while others may seek poles with a larger base and tip which are ideal for long-term or backyard set-ups.

If you are unsure of the measurements or number of poles you will require, our staff will be happy to discuss your specific needs and help you select the perfect poles to display any set-up beautifully.

*NOTE: Most tipis with a diameter of 18 feet will look best with a 15 pole frame and 2 additional poles for the smoke flaps. Any tipi larger than 18 feet will require an additional pole for each additional foot.

Price Per Pole

Length 10' - 45'
Price $1.50 per lineal foot
*Pre-Finished Poles (sand, oil, pencil point butt ends) available - additional $15.00 per pole

Care of Poles

Before you begin the set-up of your new lodge, there are a few steps that we urge you to take to ensure the longevity of your new poles. To begin, we advise lightly sanding the wood before applying the preservative, as this will help the canvas to glide more easily along the poles later in the set-up process.

Most importantly, we strongly recommend applying at least two coats of a wood preservative to all new poles before use. Here at Noisy CreekSmooth and sanded tipi poles, stacked in the lumber yard. Adventures, we rely on our tried and true combination of four quarts of boiled linseed oil to one quart of mineral spirits (both products can be found at your local hardware store). When combined, the mineral spirits thin the linseed oil, allowing the preservative to be absorbed by the wood on a much deeper level. The result is a much more water resistant pole that will last several additional years. When not in use, poles should always be stored in a dry, weather-safe location. Please also ensure that the poles are well supported to avoid warping of the wood.

You may also choose to have the poles treated and finished in our workshop before they are shipped. This includes the sanding of each pole, shaving a pencil point on the butt end, and thorough oiling of the wood and is available for an additional $15.00 per pole.

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