Once you have chosen your item(s), there are a few ways for you to receive them....

Our high quality, hand made poles, stacked and ready to ship in a custom tipi trailer.

Pick Up Items

If you choose to pick up your order from our location with your own vehicle, we recommend a carrying device designed to hold approximately 300 pounds of cargo. Wisconsin state law allows three feet of overhang for loads ahead of the vehicle, and unlimited overhang behind the vehicle. Cargo must be marked with a 12 in x 12 in red flag if it extends over 3 feet during daylight hours, and a red light must be used to designate the end of your cargo after dark.

Shipping Items

Personal Delivery by Staff

Whenever possible, we prefer to personally deliver orders to the customer to ensure that everything is handled properly and arrives in great shape. Generally, we try to gather several customer orders in a certain area before planning a delivery trip. We offer lower rates than commercial trucking companies and our experienced drivers will ensure that your order arrives on time and in the same condition as when it left our lumber yard. Additionally, we strongly recommend that orders for poles over 27 feet long be delivered by our staff or picked up by the customer, as shipping over-sized items using the commercial truck lines can be extremely expensive (often over $2,000 per set).

Poles to pet bedding - sustainable products for a better forest!

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